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Questions: Give us a call at (661) 525-5727 and we will happily answer any questions. We are available 24/7 all year long to better serve the Bakersfield community.

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Call us today at (661) 525-5727 and we may even be able to provide you with a free estimate over the phone saving you time and hassle.

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Call us to discuss your garage door problem so we can come and examine the problem and offer you a free estimate that accurately reflects the cost, the course of action, and the time we’ll need to get the work done.

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Have you ever encountered an emergency garage door problem at an unfortunate time? Don’t worry, call us any time of the day or night and we’ll rush to your place to examine and fix the problem.

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Forget about waiting several days or even weeks for someone to come and fix the problem. We know that some things simply can’t wait. Call us NOW at: (661) 525-5727 for fast, same-day service.

Licensed + Insured + Bonded (24-Hour Emergency Service)

Access Experts in Bakersfield are a licensed and experienced full-service garage door repair company. Offering the fastest, same-day emergency services, we promise to answer the phone and make it out to your location as fast as possible.

Access Experts are the garage door service and repair specialists in Bakersfield, CA. Servicing garage doors in Bakersfield, CA. Garage doors are something that we all use on a daily basis. However, not all homeowners pay attention to the maintenance of garage doors. When left neglected or improperly maintained, garage doors can quickly develop issues such as:

Transmitter Batteries Are Getting Empty

This may appear too obvious, but your batteries need sufficient amounts of power to function. Once they get empty, there will be no signal forwarded to open up and close your garage door.

Track Not Arranged in a Proper Manner.

If the track of the garage door isn’t properly set and arranged, this can spell trouble. The track your door is based on has to be arranged in the right position so that your garage door can move freely. If there are empty spaces between the metal rail and the rollers, there is a problem.

Transmitter Problems

There are a few factors that may prevent the normal functioning of your transmitter. A common cause may be that you are simply out of the scope of your garage door. Every single garage door and transmitter mechanism operates within a specific scope. Therefore, if you attempt to open it even a few meters away or before you can even see it, you are simply too far for it to work.

Antenna Problems

Faulty or damaged antennas can prevent the communication of signals that are responsible for garage door opening and closing. This is why it would be wise to ensure that your antenna is placed down from the motor system inside your garage and there is no blockage on its way. If you can’t figure this on your own, we can inspect and fix it for you.